Sunday, 29 January 2017

Image borrowing

As someone who has taken photographs forever, but only recently decided to learn more about it, images online are on my mind to say the least!  I find myself analysing images but mainly just looking at them and thinking -isn't that lovely and how did they do it?? The work involved in taking a good image is often done well before actually pressing the button - the setting up, deciding on camera settings, backgrounds etc. So, it's started to be a bit of a thing for me when I see businesses using other's images without saying anything. Just saying.
Off to practice some more now.....

As you can see - so many shots of the same things but in reality I probably wouldn't use any of them - at least not without further work - editing.  All involving time. So I do understand that for a fledgling business it can be time consuming, and so much easier to just 'borrow' a perfectly good image from the net to illustrate your new products etc. But doesn't make it right.

P xx

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Lemon Curd

Having found a bag of lemons for 85p in the supermarket, there was only ever one thing I was going to make.  Although I adored the neon yellow spread of my childhood, once I'd made the real thing, there was no going back. The recipe is slightly adapted from the Delia Smith one - though more in the method than ingredients. Doing things all in one pan is always a good thing isn't it?
Whisk the eggs in a porringer, add in the lemon juice and sugar and whisk some more. Add in the zest and butter and keep stirring over a pan of simmering water. Stop when thickened. Pour into a sterilised jar.  It really only keeps for a week or so, but is fantastic stirred through Greek yoghurt, spread onto a cake as a filling or on bread or scones.  Really, what's not to like?

On the camera bag front - at last I've chosen one!  Who knew how to tough it was going to be - but also how frustrating?  Hoping for a mid-week delivery.

P xx

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Waking up to the sun

Sometimes grey light is fine; in fact it can be very therapeutic, giving a neutral quality to the day.  But sometimes it's just grey and needs colour to help it along. Which probably explains the purchase of things in colour lately. One of those buys was a ball of Debbie Bliss Eco Baby in a soft golden yellow/mustard.  At first it was going to be another little hat for a boy, but I think he probably has more than enough for this winter and the bigger size may take more than one ball so, wash cloths. 
Of course I've seen them around on pinterest and blogs but haven't actually made any, until now.  One - how easy and quick are they to knit?! Two - how soft are they to wash with?!

Having knit three I definitely wanted to post them straight to Instagram and because I like something blurry but beautiful in the background I picked out a rose from a bunch on the windowsill. It was a passing thought that these roses were lasting pretty well - nearly three weeks - and as I was faffing about, saw this:

It seems they've decided to grow - there are the beginnings of roots from each stem.  Love the will to live in plants!

As for the wash cloths?  Love them too and can see many more coming to join these three. Out now for a walk in this bright morning. Made me feel so different waking to the sun - a little like coming out of hibernation?

P xx

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Open the windows

This morning feels so lovely - still winter obviously, but the window in the sewing room is wide open, the windowsill has been cleared and cleaned, boxes and bags full of stuff have been thrown away/re-homed/tidied and everything is starting to feel fresh.
And because you do things, you feel like doing more things...
Next decision is - to keep the stars hanging on the wall or take them down? I'll admit I'm loving the clear space so it will probably be down!

A birthday present, hidden away waiting for the right moment has come out of its box today.  The smell is perfect for this sort of day:

P xx

Saturday, 14 January 2017


Yes, we've had very dark or very snowy days, but the light is definitely improving! After school doesn't automatically mean black dark anymore.  So, today I ventured outside into the garden.  I'm obviously on a par with a goldfish because it always surprises me 1) how much I enjoy just being in the garden, and 2) that there are still things going on in it even in January.

Seed heads - so gorgeous in the winter sun - along with red cotoneaster berries are the remnants of last year's garden.  But the silver buddleia leaves and the yellow winter jasmine all belong to 2017's winter garden.
Thoughts of Spring are definitely starting to filter through.

P xx

Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Year Blues

Well, not really. Not blues as such, more unsettled. And because of that I've decided to make a few plans for 2017 - a Big Trip as far away as can be along with a different way of doing Christmas.
It helps while waiting to start on the garden - though it was a joy to see all the pots full of wallflowers growing so healthy along the side of the house, ready for Spring along with their hidden tulips. I also added a packet of poppy seeds to the tops of the post - just to see if they would help prolong the life of the pot without having to empty and start again.  I've seen others talk about it, but not seen it in practice.  It's worth the price of a packet of seed to find out.

At least in these darker months there's always the joy of yarn - normally I use a couple of shops, but this morning, because of a headache, I walked to one much nearer.  Combining walk to clear head with yarn to help create another? Hey ho.  Of course in a different shop you find different yarns and I was very happy to pick up a couple of these:

I've not used it before and I really have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but it feels gorgeous and I love the colours.

P xx