Friday, 30 December 2016

It's that time of year......

.....when it's only natural to look forward and backwards at the same time.  I've loved so much of this past year and even the other bits haven't frightened me as much as I thought they would.  Others still have made me feel sad but accepting in equal measure.

Although we don't celebrate New Year as in partying etc, we do always go for a seaside prom walk and I love a good clear out and tidy up. (And yes, the change of pronouns is deliberate.)  Lots of plans to make - especially travel - but that's for later.  Right now it's more about the backward glance - learning so many new things has been a joy, catching up with old friends and new family arriving.  Not such a bad year.
And there has been sock yarn

as well as learning to use a camera.
Looking forward to so much more in 2017 xx

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


This Advent is feeling pretty good so far - helped by visits to Harrogate and Copenhagen, no doubt! There was also a significant birthday which ended up being....ok.  In fact better than ok, with family and friends and good food and presents.  Though mainly I think I'm enjoying it because it's here - and we're here to participate.  
The decorations this year seem different - same ones, but definitely used in a slightly different way.  Not lots and lots - we don't have small children anymore! - but more a few areas with greenery, candles, fairy lights and baubles.  My biggest outlay so far has been on a skimmia japonica and a Christmas rose.  Though foolishly I've totally forgotten to take a photo of them - they're decorating the front porch.

And let's not forget the sock knitting!  Which, obviously I nearly did. One is complete and the other is about to be started this afternoon.  I fully expect to be wearing them on my next pj day.

P xx

Friday, 2 December 2016

Camera issues part two

I'm still not using the camera outside as much as I'd like, and I realise from reading around that it's not just me! From what others are saying, the answer is usually in making it easy for yourself to do it. Which is why I'm researching camera bags with a vengeance. But I know exactly what I don't want in a camera bag - black, non-descript and screaming out to the world 'There's a camera in here!'
Joy oh joy, there's a whole world out there dedicated to such an issue.
Of course they're expensive and of course lots of them generate from either the US or mainland Europe, but when really looking at the price I can see the value is there too.  No need for a lovely handbag AND a camera bag - these ones do both jobs.
And breathe....just need to choose one now.

P xx