Saturday, 16 April 2016

Snail mail

One of the (very few!) pleasures of family living too far for regular visits, is the Royal Mail. It can be difficult though, as children move on from their interests, develop new ones; all those things.  But one thing that doesn't alter is the sheer joy of opening a package in the post. So, with all that in mind, and as the children are growing quicker than I can see, I'm starting out on a planned programme of parcels and letters. Not the start of a correspondence, more a start of a conversation, so that when we do meet up there is a point of reference. All of which makes it sound more pompous and portentous than it is - simply sending stuff to three small children whom I love dearly!
This is the beginning of the April package:

Now I'm off on a trawl of the web for a few more small, but exciting goodies to add into April.  And of course there will be chocolate too.....
P xx