Friday, 24 April 2015

Disappointing days

Some days are just that - disappointing.  From not being able to
sort out a new phone without hassle, to arranging journeys
without getting lost.  And in amongst all
those disappointments comes bad fettle.
Let's be honest here though, that's purely down to me.
So yesterday, after all these small episodes, and being
in one! I took myself in hand.
Number one on the list?  Apologise to the
surgery receptionist. Wasn't really ready for the response - expecting frosty
but received warmth and kindness instead.
The next on the list was to sit quietly and actually look at the day -
one spent mostly in the garden in glorious sunshine
and warmth. Yeah, not so bad then really?
Added into all that, a lovely lunch out with other half.
Catch yourself on, is the phrase that comes to mind.
So, back into the garden this morning, catching glimpses
of gorgeous colour, new growth and bright, fresh green
leaves. All happy bunnies now.

I also realised - calmness is to be recommended - that one of the reasons
for the poor mood was definitely in me.  A little sense of unease, or
maybe unrest?  Or even unsettled.  Whatever, when looked at, and turned around
to see from lots of angles, I am becoming too caught up in 'work'.
Now that very 'work' is actually a joy, but if it's everything then the joy
is hidden away.  Time for action, and time for creativity.
Most people will tell you that direction is a good thing - for a while.
After that, well, it's up to you to find new ways for yourself.
There has been a little bit of shopping from somewhere new and
it's all aimed at making for pleasure and fun.
Sounds good to me.
P xx