Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Getting through

Sometimes you just get up, make the bed and start the day.
Do that enough times and it seems you stop thinking so much about doing it or not!  The little things in life are beginning to bring joy again, and they soon add up
to a rather large dose of feeling good.
Sewing has been a great help of course, but so has the
bright weather - it may be extremely cold, but
the sun has shone.  Which may, or may not, be more of an indicator
of my mood rather than actually!
But more than that, looking out of the window into the garden
is bringing its own joy - shoots of green, and looking forward to the Spring jobs list.

And just a few colourful flowers.
Finding fabrics in the right colours can be its own
piece of work, but at last
I have found a patterned jersey for the next Coco top

It's from a shop I've not used before, but will very probably do so again.
Having rung to ask about its suitability for the pattern yesterday lunchtime,
they very quickly took the order and it was here for me this morning.
Paying postage is absolutely fine when it makes delivery this quick!
The blog is pretty good too - see here - and I'm definitely
going to take a look at Laren's book too.
Maybe Spring isn't too far away after all.
P xx

Friday, 13 February 2015

Grey and, well, just a little bit dark

It's probably just because of this cold/flu/coughing and spluttering lark
which has been hanging around since New Year's Eve, but this
past week has seemed so very heavy. Sick and tired
of feeling sick and tired!  There has been a few highlights
though.  Just not enough to completely lift the gloom.
Hey ho.  Time to just get on and do it I suppose.
In the cheerier/more energetic phases there has been this:
A second Coco top in a softer, more drapey jersey this
time, but still with the neck adjustment.  Am liking that and it makes
the neck lie so lovely and flat.  The colour is that perfect mix of
navy with a hint of violet and looks great with a cornflower
blue cardigan.  I read some where - but who knows
where! - that the things you should try to make are those
that you look for each morning, disappointed if they're in the
wash.  These tops definitely fall into that particular category.

A new string of bunting flags for the FGT studio in the
 studio colours too.  And those colours really do sing out Spring!
The quote in the top image is one that the owner of the studio
lives by - she has based her whole business on it in reality.
The studio is a definite help in those
gloomy moments - all that colour and enthusiasm shines out
like the sun.

Packaging for the notes and pattern for a new workshop
started last week - pyjama bottoms.  The first two
participants were a mother and daughter and it
was great fun.  The patterns were totally
adjusted to make sure of a good fit and then they could take
it away to make as many pairs as they like!
It's probably time to start thinking about the garden, new
patterns for lighter weight tops and maybe even a
pair of trousers too.
But not today.
Today is about tidying, throwing away, and keeping the fire going.
P x


Thursday, 5 February 2015


It seems I'm on a bit of a roll....
After the Coco top success it was time to tackle another
knit fabric - this one is much finer and more suited to
The same approach to sampling stitches, tension, sewing needles etc
was used again here.  But....I ended up using a different stitch altogether
and the only thing that stayed the same was the needle.
Looking through the machine manual, I noticed an
overlock stitch and gave that a go.  Brilliant.
It doesn't look exactly like a real overlocked seam, but
perfect for a pair of pyjamas. And as there's a workshop
this coming weekend making pyjama bottoms it was also
time to have it all fresh in my mind!
Just right for sitting watching tonight's Sewing Bee.
P xx