Saturday, 29 November 2014

Shop small....

Having seen this around, and being involved with a small (but very beautiful)
business, I wanted to make sure I spent any pennies wisely today:
It's pretty easy to do this where I live and I realise that it can be difficult if
you don't have ready access to the likes of FGT but I do so I did!

Doing so many workshops has seen my crafty supplies stock dwindle over the past few months
and some things are just a joy in themselves.  Twine and wooden spools of ribbon; what's not to love!
There has been so much going on lately that the actual making seems to have got lost along the way but I'm hoping to put that right over the next few weeks as I have cushions to make - for myself - and I have found the most gorgeous outfit for one of the granddaughters:

Which is from this wonderful site http://www.clevercharlotte.com/
Time to plan some fun....
P xx


Friday, 14 November 2014

Dark days

These dark days are not so dreary; just so long as you've got some
gorgeous colour to play with inside.
There was some gorgeous fabrics in John Lewis the last time I was there, and although
I could quite happily have spent a small fortune I restricted myself to choosing two.
The other restriction was amounts; no buying whole metres as sometimes that feels harder to cut into.
So, with 40cm of one and 20cm of the other I produced this:

During one of the workshops I was explaining to someone that lots of
items can be made using nothing but straight sewing - which she'd just learnt to do on the sewing basics.
As she had booked onto a cushion workshop, I took the skirt in to show her and
explained the very easy way to make it.
There is such pleasure in making an item from start to
finish using a pattern, but there is sheer joy in making something without one!
P xx

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Having a mother and aunt who were both seamstresses, it was pretty
much a given that one of us four girls
would like sewing too.  My very first machine, when I was four, was a Vulcan
and I loved it so much.
Children, work, studies, life in general, all happen around us,
but it's always a joy to get sewing again.
Of all the workshops I do at FGT, my favourite is the Sewing Basics.
Some ladies come in and they are visibly trembling with fear.  That bit I love less.
But everyone of them, so far!, has left with a smile and a decent understanding
of how a sewing machine works and are usually fired up and ready to make lots as soon as they get home.  Some of them book onto another workshop straight away to keep the momentum.
I've tried a few different projects for them to complete at the end of the three hours, but I think this may be the one to run with for a good while.
It's just a coaster but helps them to see that the skills they've just acquired can actually make something very quickly. The top stitching, accuracy of the seam widths, trimming the seams, cutting the corners, pressing - all together in one small item.  But most of all I love the little 'handmade with love' hearts that they add into the seam.  The stag's head is just for show - they usually choose to add their initial - just in case anyone thinks they can borrow it.
P x

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Loving where I live

It's so very easy to just not see the place where you actually live. Not so much the interior, but outside those windows.  It came to me as I was sitting at a main crossroads (well, I say main, but in reality it's pretty minor) waiting in a queue of traffic.  That traffic consisted of buses, cars, work vans, a tractor and a couple of cyclists.  There were no horns blaring; everyone sitting in the sunshine waiting patiently.  The hold up?  A young girl on a horse.  Everyone (pretty much) around here waits for horses.  She raised her hand in recognition to all around her and off she trotted past me down to the farm at the end of the lane. 
Then I took a look out of my sewing room window this morning:

That sky! Just love it.
I probably need to be a little more open here; there's stuff going on with my older sister just now which is quite hard to stomach.  Hospitals, hospice respite care, assessments.  Am sure you get the picture.  It happens. We're not alone in all this going on. Every family has something sometime.
But it does make me stop and look at times and in a way that's one of the positives.
This is going to be a very busy month with workshops at FGT - lots of Christmassy ones as well as the usual sewing machine and cushion ones, and that has involved an awful lot of preparation.  Three hundred Christmas fabric bunting flags cut out already.  As a little balance to all that I made this:

Using up scraps - always good fun!
Time to get out into that sunshine for a while now,
P xx