Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The lost days

Not truly lost of course, but lost in the sense that they didn't end up being mine.  I know, too much on a Tuesday morning, but it's been one of those weeks where you have great plans to make and create so very much and you end up with......well, not much.
There has been a wonderful first Baby Shower Bunting Workshop, which was stressful because it was the first, but also a joy because it was so much fun.
The other stuff belongs to family and I'm thinking it should stay there.
Then I found this, and thought, let's just start again:
it's okay
I do like a fairly calm life; it seems to provide the right atmosphere for making, doing, thinking.  So, outside with the washing on a lovely blowy day, cut some dark leaves to go with some very dark red flowers for a Hallowe'en display, drink a hot cup of coffee with a buttery, round piece of shortbread and start to plan.  Love it.
P xx

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Play day

Following on from the last post, Sunday was designated a playday, where all the making was about fun and trying things out with no end product in mind.  Though surprisingly (or most probably because of) all that bunting making made me keep to that format.  Let's call it a garland instead. 
The lovely shop where I do the sewing workshops has started to sell scrap bags which explains the name: scrapbag garland:

The coloured prints are from Flow magazine and the torn book illustrations from an old copy of India Knight's Thrift.  I'm thinking she'd sort of approve?  The bonus is that there is also a completely sorted scrap basket in the sewing room - even into colour batches.  Feeling much happier now.
P xx

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Sometimes life is,well....you know

Or maybe you don't and it's just me.  Days when you feel bleurgh for no good reason and then start to doubt everything you do.  Those days are not the best.  That and the ability of some people to make you feel so very guilty does not make for happy clappy days let me tell you.
On those days there's really only one answer - for someone as shallow as me I mean obviously - and that's to look for the pinkness in Pinterest.  Selina Lake does not disappoint. And one beautiful image leads to another:
All of which goes to remind me that there is beauty in the world, but some days you've just got to look it out for yourself.
P x

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Whatever you like to call it, I'm pretty much done with the sewn sort.  Having agreed to make some for a shop - and quite happily, too! - after the fifth lot it begins to feel very samey.  Time to finish my own handmade Christmas garland instead.  Absolutely no sewing involved, simply lovely laid card from Paperchase, a few images from around the web, ribbon and paper punch.

The last image is some of the sewn bunting; amazing how quickly you can tire of red and white....
P x

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


It's obviously something you love or hate; something you like to have in your home, or not.  The owner of the shop where I have my sewing workshops has asked for some, with a definite Christmas theme.  Although no bother to sew, it has taken a good while to cost out.  There are so many things too easily forgotten about: thread, fusible web, fabric for letters, bells.  But I'm pretty pleased with how it has turned out - or perhaps just that I got it priced out right in the end!

And there's also the perfectly valid reason for more fabric shopping tomorrow.
While all this Christmas stuff is very enjoyable, believe it or not I have been thinking of other things.  Making the dresses for three flower girls in the summer really reminded me how much I love sewing as in dressmaking.  Hmmm.  A little plan is starting to hatch but there are other people to be spoken to before I can move it further.  Wish me luck.
P xx

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Just push on past

The title was part of Annie's post and pretty much sums up today's post.
There's nothing really wrong; a lot that is very right. Just a little niggle in the corner which probably needs addressing before it becomes a 'thing'. And then I read Annie's post and it became apparent: I just need to push on past it.  Love it when the answer is on a blog.
The creative side of today looks a lot like this:
Illustration by Grace Gabler, ca 1945, Child's Alphabet.
It was a deal made with myself.  Not a totally handmade Christmas, but twelve things made for Christmas, which is basically one a week from here on in. First project is a banner using found images.  Nearly sorted, just need to find some sparkly ribbon.
P xx

Friday, 3 October 2014

Time to chat

The time for chatting and a cuppa is always now.  It has become clear to me that being with people (either in real life or online) is very, very important.  Friends have busy lives, commitments etc so when the opportunity arises I say yes please!
Flow Magazine 1 - D
P xx

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Costing, planning and thrift

Although I'm not making to sell for myself anymore, I am involved in the most delicious shop in Morpeth, doing workshops and also making some mock ups for them.  Those have then been passed onto people who make them up in bulk.  Because the Christmas cushion and bunting workshops have already pretty much sold out, the shop owner has asked if I can make some up to sell.
Which means I have the pleasure of sewing, choosing fabrics etc, without the hassle of marketing, storing, displaying.  Having done it in the past, it was no bother to sit down today and cost out the items.  The immoveable part of the equation? My time. It's not the best rate; it's certainly better than minimum wage.  Having agreed a selling price, the amount of retail markup and the consequent wholesale cost, it was then just a case of using different fabric price points in the calculations.. I now know exactly how much to spend on fabrics - no going over just because it's so gorgeous!  It either comes in on, or under, budget, or it doesn't happen.
That probably sounds a little cold.....and it is.  There's less of me in these makes so it's easier to make decisions.  They won't be sold under my name, but the shop's.  The pleasure of creating and sewing is all mine though.
The thriftiness? The bunting is Jingle Bell bunting and I've been trying to source a reasonably priced supply of them.  Those from Paperchase are sweet and I've used them before, but a little expensive when so many are needed. But when looking around Dunelm for cushion pads I spied the heart above - only mine is made up of silver bells.  150 tied on with fine wire for £3.99 rather than 72 for £4.50. Perfect.
P x